Podcasts Are Back...For Me, At Least

I still remember back at around 2006 or so while still getting over the breakup of the best television network ever created, TechTV, I find out about this fairly new thing call podcasts. This was big back then, especially since the people I loved watching on TechTV came together for their own podcast, This Week in Tech (TWiT). I believe this is still one of the most popular podcasts still around. While I think the TWiT network has some of the best podcast shows out there I have a few others that I get excited to see to have new episodes.

  • HanselminutesScott Hanselman is one of the guys to follow if you’re doing any kind of development using the Microsoft technology stack and his podcast is just as good. Usually Scott has a guest on to talk about a certain topic and it’s always informative.
  • Get Up and Code – A fairly recent addition, this is a good one for anyone who wants to get more into fitness and nutrition, and it's not just for developers as the name suggests.
  • Lifehacker – The popular life hacking blog has their own podcast that highlights the popular posts of the week.
  • This American Life – Probably the biggest podcast currently still going on that has a theme for each show and true stories based on thattheme.

Speaking of the TWiT network, they do have quite a library of shows. Here are my current favorites.

  • This Week in Tech – The podcast that started it all. This is still the popular one of tech podcasts and definitely a fan favorite of many TechTV fans.
  • Tech News Today – What better way to get tech news than a daily podcast?
  • The Tech GuyLeo Laporte’s weekend radio show where he helps callers with their tech questions.
  • This Week in Law – I've always had an interest in law and this show plugs that gap in for me in an easily digestible format.
  • Triangulation – An interview type show that lets you get to know people in tech.
  • Windows Weekly – A weekly show about all things Microsoft!

That’s quite a lot of shows. They usually come out once a week so that’s basically a week’s worth of entertainment right there. I’m sure there’s tons of other awesome shows out there that I have yet to discover and I can’t wait until I do get to discover them.

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