Current Project Queue

Like any developer, (who actually likes doing development, anyway) I tend to have some projects outside of work going. Of course, more often than not, they don't always get completed. Some don't even get started! I'd like to change that. This blog (and hopefully all two of you readers) can help keep me accountable. So here are the projects I currently have an idea on doing and what I plan on learning. Don't worry, I'll release the source for this stuff as they get completed.

  • Web app to use the Jamendo API - Wanted to play with the API (which helps me learn to consume JSON) for some time now. Plan on creating an ASP.NET MVC web application and use Angular.JS for the two-way data-binding (of course, mess with the testing and IoC within Angular.JS).
  • Learn more design patterns - I've stayed away from learning design patterns but no longer! I think it's time to learn these and I'll be using PluralSight's Design Pattern Library course to help me out.
  • Something with the Kinect - Not exactly sure what to do with the Kinect just yet, but I wanted to develop an app to interact with some hardware and this seems like a simple yet fun way to do so.
  • More JavaScript - This is the number one thing I need to learn more of, currently. When JavaScript is considered the most dominant language now, it's a good time to learn more of it.

This is just a list of the more important stuff I wanted to do. I'm sure more stuff will definitely be to come.

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