As An ng-conf Virtual Attendee...

This past Thursday and Friday, Google held a public conference for all things AngularJS. I'm sure you've noticed lately that I've been a bit of a fan of it, especially the more I play around with what it all has to offer. 

Luckily, the fine folks who put on the conference decided to stream it as it was going on. Awesome! I got to catch a few of the sessions. Though, it's not the same as actually attending as I couldn't meet all the great people and speakers there, watching the live stream is the next best thing.

I didn't get to see all of the sessions yet (they have all been uploaded), but here are the ones I have seen that seemed to stand out:

In total, I'm glad I was able to catch what I could of the live stream and hope that next time I can be able to join in person. I hope at some point I can be able to contribute something to help make everyone's life easier with AngularJS.

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