WinDBG Beginner Sessions: Part 0

In an earlier post where I mentioned I took a very informative training course from Wintellect, I thought I’d use this blog to help keep track of what I’ve been studying and to kind of have a bit of a “peer review” of this stuff that I’m trying to learn. Although, before beginning, we still need to set up our environment. Personally, I prefer to have a dark background with a green text, a la the old terminal days. It just seems the easiest on my eyes and easiest to read. Below is a small list of the color changes I made to my base workstation. I leave the prompt command text white so I can differentiate when I set in a command vs. any output from WinDBG.

Setting Name


Background Black
Text Green
Normal Level Command Window Text Green
Normal Level Command Window Background Black
Prompt Level Command Window Text White
Prompt Level Command Window Background Black

And here is a small sample screenshot of it in action:


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