Top 5 YouTube Channels

Top 5 YouTube Channels

YouTube is a great resource to learn new development topics. It is one of my go to places if I want to learn a new topic or even to get into a specific area. However, there are a few channels that I make sure and check out if there are new videos.

Traversy Media

One of my favorite channels, Brad really has some great content. Mostly going over web technologies he definitely goes over the big three frameworks - React, Angular, and Vue. However, he also goes over some pure CSS, HTML, and JavaScript in some of his videos. He also has videos that go over career and personal development issues that I find very helpful.

This channel used to be called Angular Fire and by the name you may guess what he covers - Angular and Firebase. However, he's branched out quite a bit into some other videos such as Flutter for mobile applications. He has some of the best RxJS videos that I've found very helpful.


Maximilian Schwarzmüller is one of my favorite instructors for web based technologies. He has courses in all of the current popular frameworks - Angular, React, and Vue. He also has courses in some other technologies which may be useful to learn, such as Flutter and React Native for mobile applications and AWS for serverless applications.

Corey Schafer

Corey's channel is probably the most popular in terms of Python content. He's got so many videos that whatever you need to do in Python he already has a video about it. Another great thing about this channel is that he also goes into other developer tools, such as bash and dot files which I just started watching, as well as git.

Data School

The Data School channel is the best if you want to learn data wrangling and data cleaning with pandas or machine learning with scikit-learn. You can tell he has a deep knowledge with both of these libraries.

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