Exercism F# Track Now Available


Yep. After attending an interesting talk by James Dixon on data in F# I got a bit interested in the language. Of course, that's followed by reading articles, watching videos, and playing with it a bit on my own. The past month or so I've been messing around with it and plan on sticking to it for a while.

I can see F# going places in terms of functional programming and it's uses within .NET. Be prepared for more F# posts in the future, as well.

What is Exercism?

In short, Exercism is another site where people can learn a new programming language by doing different exercises. The difference with this one than the others, however, is that it's crowd-sourced. Meaning that, once you finish an exercise, you can send it off to be code reviewed by others.

It's definitely the best of both worlds where you practice the language and get peer reviews to help you learn that much quicker.

F# Track

And so, since I got interested  a bit more in F# and no one started messing with it in the Exercism F# repository, I figured I'd give it a shot. After a little while I was able to get it to meet the requirements to be launched!

Hopefully, I did decently in my own examples for the exercises (and if not, I'm not scared of some helpful tips), and that some people can get a bit of use out of it.

So feel free to give it a try and let me know or submit an issue if there are any problems!

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