Xamarin Evolve - Recap

I wanted to get a day two recap out Thursday night like I did the day before with day one but, and I'll be honest with you, day two was just so much fun and action packed that as soon as I got back to the room I went straight to bed to try to get enough rest for the final day. So in this post, I'll go over day two and the final day of the conference.

Day Two

Day two of the conference was all about the sessions. Here are a few of the ones I attended.


This was one of the secret sessions they had listed on the schedule and I'm glad I went to it to find out more. Mostly this was just an expansion of what they shown in the keynote but with a bit more of an elaborate demo. The cool thing, for me, is that Sketches will support F# as well soon. That'll be good for just having a sandbox to learn more about the language.

Xamarin Studio

One of the more interesting sessions was this one on how to master Xamarin Studio itself. What impressed me most about Xamarin Studio was that there is a setting in the preferences (Text Editor -> Source Analysis) that has a very similar analysis that ReSharper has for Visual Studio...and before Visual Studio even incorporated it!

Cross-platform Apps in F

I admit, one of the main reasons I wanted to come to Xamarin Evolve was to go to these F# sessions and they certainly didn't disappoint. This was the first one where Rachel Reese gave her talk on running iOS and Android apps using F# with a bit of a nice F# introduction mainly concerning with why we would want to use it.


The final day was just a few more sessions in the morning then the closing announcements.

Awesome Apps in F

This fun talk was mainly with why use F# (or basically any functional language) and showed how much more concise and readable refactoring from an object oriented way to a functional way can be.


The best way to describe this experience was that it was nothing short of amazing! Big thanks to Xamarin and all of their employees for making this happen and being awesome! I really look forward to next year and I've gotten the thought in my head to even try to present at the next one.

Introduction to Paket

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